On the the best schooling and experience i have, working with a team and believing in good work and proffesionalisim is the best. i do my best to my perfectionisim and skills and this all i so in kwena.

Nzuri Web Designs

Vitalis Kwena, i have known him for quite time and the work he does its so incredible. He made me a website and i just loved it.

Nzuri Web Designs

Vitalis Kwena, I have known him for a period of years and, we have been working together on an online platform to create web applications and i just did love the way he thinks creatively and put things on web

Nzuri Web Designs

my portfolio

I have worked for a number of clients over last 3 years. Explore my best works here


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    my services

    I offer premium services on Web designing, web hosting, web maintenance and Domain name registration. Below are my services description.

    • Types of Websites i design

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      Web Design
      Creativity on

      The following are Types of websites that i create

      ersonal Websites. Online shops, store, Carts. Writers/ Authors Websites. Community Building Websites. Mobile device Websites. Blogs. Informational Websites. Directory Websites. E-commerce Websites. Cooperate Websites. Schools and collage Websites. Travel / Tour websites

      Programing Language

      Service Overview

      On to my Experience i have hard with interaction with the platforms created and designed using PHP, HTML 5/ CSS3 and Javascript. This i do it on my best and professionalism. The language outlines the beuty of my creation and work, feel free to start with me

    • Web Hosting

      Hosting description
      Web Hosting

      Service Overview

      This is the uploading of the website into the online severs for online publication view or private, using the best technology available.

      Price talk

      Service Overview

      After designing the website according to the agreement with the client hosting can be done at an afodable price according to the client and company agreement. The price range depends on the functionality and size of the website.

    • Domain Name

      Domain registration
      Domain registration

      Service Overview

      This are the names of the websites and url that one access the website using a browser. includes: .co.ke .com .net .ke. a good example is www.kenya.com.

      Domain plan

      Service Overview

      The best domain name for the client will be searched and created, then registered at an a greed price, yearly or monthly. For more than a year can be to calculated and agreed upon

    • Website maintenance

      Maintenance plan and price
      Plan and Price
      Plan and Price

      Service Overview

      Our maintenance packages are affordable and include everything to keep content delivery and content management up to date

      Mandatory Maintenance (starting at 5000 – 10000ksh/month)

      This means a quarterly review and update of your site, plus we jump to action if anything goes bad. This has LAMP updates, WordPress and plug-in updates, maintenance tasks (in addition to updates) like optimizing database tables and removing old auto save revisions, 24×7 monitoring so we will know the moment something goes down. CDN and global caching plus enhanced security.

      Essential Maintenance (starting at 17000ksh/month)

      Includes all features of the Mandatory Maintenance Plan, Quarterly review of your google analytics and content, Personalized report of what is and what is not working for your site.

      Custom Maintenance (starting at 30000ksh/month)

      All features included in the Mandatory and Essential Plans, Review, maintenance and duration all website layers including content, SEO and social media.

    • Website Security

      Security on site

      Service Overview

      This is the securing your websites from hackers and attacks, this offers content protection:copy pasting, drags and drops, print screen buttons, viewing source code, scanning and mail protection.

      I offer yearly protection for 20,000 Ksh. Purchasing and installing the security application, price depends on the functionality and vulnerabilities on the site.

    • Web based systems

      Web aplications

      Service Overview

      In computing, a web application or web app is a client-server software application in which the client (or user interface) runs in a web. there is more of working, interacting and services to be offered via software and applications via the internet.


      CRM (Customer relation Management), Billing and client support management system, Inventory management system, Cash/Money flow, Affiliate Money Maker, School management systems, Real estate management portal, Human resource management system, Work Order Tracking System, Project management system, Online exams management systems, Web security, File management system, Hospital management system, Logistics and Tracking systems, Gym / Fitness management system, Freelances and work order systems, Time zone employee tracking system, Invoicing management system, Music / Band management system, Ticketing support client management system Steady Project – Bug Tracking, Restaurant food ordering system, Team management systems Leads and contact management system,Online Auctioning management shop site.

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    Vitalis Kwena
    box #590, Nairobi
    Nairobi, Kenya